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GOA78 (2011-2015): EPIGEN II

PhD Theses

Tatyana Doktorova
Title of the thesis: 'Evaluation of carcinogen-modified global gene expression profiles in liver-based in vitro models with focus on primary cultures'
Promotors: Rogiers V., Vanhaecke T. and Vinken M.
Date of public defense: 16/03/2012

Joanna Fraczek
Title of the thesis: 'Epigenetic modification of gene expression by interference with the histone acetylation and DNA methylation in cultured rat hepatocytes'
Promotors: Rogiers V. and Vanhaecke T.
Date of public defense: 29/03/2012

Jennifer Bolleyn
Title of the thesis (provisional): 'Innovative microRNA-based differentiation strategy for the development of metabolic stabile long-term hepatocytes cultures, applicable in early preclinical drug research'
Promotors: Vanhaecke T., Rogiers V. (Ongoing)

Inge Mannaerts (2011): "The Role Of Histone Deacetylases During Hepatic Stellate Cell Activation And Fibrogenesis" (Promotor: Leo van Grunsven)


Master thesis in Biomedical Sciences:

Joeri Lambrecht
Master Biomedische wetenschappen, 2013-2014 "Targeting miRNAs as potential diagnostic and therapeutic tool for liver fibrosis" Promotor: Leo van Grunsven (ongoing)


GOA48 (2006-2010): EPIGEN I

Sandra Van Lint, "Epigenetische onderdrukking van het tetraspanine CD9 gedurende de ziekteprogressie in multiple myeloom cellen", industrieel ingenieur De Nayer Instituut
Promotoren: Dr. H. Rediers, Prof. Dr. K. Vanderkerken, E. De Bruyne

Nele Nuytten, "Karakterisatie van histon dacetylases tijdens activatie van leverstellaatcellen", Biomedische Wetenschappen VUB, 2006-2007
Promotoren: Prof. Dr. A. Geerts, Dr. L.A. van Grunsven

Miguel Lemaire, "Anti-myeloom effect van histon deacetylase inhibitor LBH589 op het 5T33MM muismodel", Biomedische Wetenschappen VUB, 2006-2007
Promotoren: Prof. Dr. K. Vanderkerken, S. Deleu

Oscar Onyema, "The role of histone deacetylase 4 during hepatic stellate cel activation", Master Program in Medical and Pharmaceutical Research VUB, 2007-2008
Promotoren: Prof. Dr. A. Geerts, Dr. L.A. van Grunsven

Florence Houbar, "Optimisation of siRNA technology for the silencing of HDAC-3 in differentiation-promoting cultures of rat hepatocytes", 2e master in de farmaceutische zorg 2008-2009, VUB.
Promotoren: Prof. Dr. Ap. Vera Rogiers, Prof. Dr. Ir. Tamara Vanhaecke, MSc. Joanna Fraczek

Agnieszka Werochowska, "Effect of the Trichostatin A structural analogues AN-8 and AN-10 on the sensitivity of cultured hepatocytes to the steatosis/phospholipidosis-inducing action of amiodarone", Master in Pharmacy 2008-2009, Medical University of Gdansk,
Promotoren: Prof. Dr. Ir. Tamara Vanhaecke, Dr. Wojciech Kamysz, MSc. Joanna Fraczek


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