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Selected list of publications by the HEPRO-1 and HEPRO-2 partners (2012-2015) :

Partner P1a - VUB-Toxicology (IVTD)

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Partner P1b - VUB-Liver Cell Biology (LIVR)

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Partner P2 - UGent-Vaccinology (CEVAC) - to be updated

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Partner P3a - UCL-Gastroenterology (GAEN) - to be updated

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Partner P3b - UCL-Liver and Pancreas Development (LPAD) - to be updated

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Partner P4 - KULeuven- Morphology and Molecular Pathology - to be updated

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Partner INT1 – QMUL (Centre for Tumour Biology) - to be updated

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Partner INT2 – UKA (Med.Klinikum III ) - to be updated

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