Flow Cytometry

On 7-8th September 2006, Beckton-Dickinson has installed a new cell sorter FACSAria (FACS: fluorescence activated cell sorter) with UV laser light source. The funding for this instrument was obtained from FWO-Vlaanderen and from the University Research Coucil (OZR-VUB). An EU-FP6 grant provided the money to pay for a scientific officer (C. Empsen 2006-2011). OZR-VUB and our local building committee provided funding to refurbish a semi-sterile room.

The cell sorter is used mainly to purify liver cells, in particular hepatic progenitor cells, stellate cells, endothelial cells, Kupffer cells and hepatocytes.
The UV laser light source allows to sort progenitor cells that belong the "side population", i.e. cells that are able to pump out the dye Hoechst 33432. It also allows the sorting of stellate cells, based on their vitamin A content.

Our laboratory is open for collaborations. Please contact lvgrunsv@vub.ac.be or jmlazou@vub.ac.be )


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