The "HEMIBIO" project (2011-2015)

Hepatic Microfluidic Bioreactor


Project coordinator : Prof. Catherine Verfaillie, KULeuven

Co-promotors for VUB

Prof. Leo van Grunsven - Liver Cell Biology -VUB
Prof. Vera Rogiers - Toxicology - VUB

Funding : EU-FP7-HEALTH

In HeMiBio, we propose to generate a liver-simulating device mimicking the complex structure and function of the human liver. The device will reproduce the heterotypic interactions between the parenchymal (hepatocytes) and non-parenchymal (hepatic stellate cells (HSC), hepatic sinusoidal endothelial cells (HSEC), and hepatic Kupffer cells) cells of the liver for over 1 month in vitro in a high-throughput format. Such a Hepatic Microfluidic Bioreactor could then serve to test the effects of chronic exposure to chemicals, including cosmetic ingredients
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