Thesis list

PhD dissertations

1. Pieter DE BLESER (1996) "Role of transforming growth factor beta superfamily members in an experimental rat model of liver fibrosis" (Promotor: A. Geerts)
2. Marc HAUTEKEETE (1997) "The hepatic stellate cell in human and experimental pathology : a light microscopic, electron microscopic and immunohistochemical study" (Promotor: A. Geerts)
3. Toshiro NIKI (1999) "New insights in the biology of hepatic stellate cell - myofibroblast transition : implications for development of new antifibrogenic drugs" (Promotor: A. Geerts)
4. Krista ROMBOUTS (2002) "Modulation of expression of fibrosis-related genes by pharmacologically induced hyperacetylation of histones" (Promotor: A. Geerts)
5. Karine HELLEMANS (2003) "Expression of PPARs and RAR/RXRs during hepatic stellate cell transdifferentiation. Implications for liver fibrogenesis" (Promotor: A. Geerts)
6. Hendrik REYNAERT (2004) "Influence of somatostatin on activation and contraction of hepatic stellate cells" (Promotor: A. Geerts)
7. Anne DURNEZ (2006) "Hepatic stellate cells and progenitor cells in NAFLD, fibrogenesis and carcinogenesis" (Promotor: Tania Roskams (KULeuven) - Co-promotors: A. Geerts & C. Verslype)
8. Zhenan LIU (2010) "Function of Non-muscle Myosin Isoforms in Mouse Hepatic Stellate Cells" (Promotor: Hendrik reynaert / Co-promotor: Leo van Grunsven)
9. Inge MANNAERTS (2011) "The Role Of Histone Deacetylases During Hepatic Stellate Cell Activation And Fibrogenesis" (Promotor: Leo van Grunsven)
10. Katrien VAN BENEDEN (2012) "Experimental FSGS: Pathology and Therapeutic Approach" (Promotor: Christiane Van Den Branden - co-promotor: Leo van Grunsven)
11. Eduardo L.M. GUIMARAES (2012) "Investigation of mechanisms involved in hepatic stellate cell activation in vitro" (Promotor: Leo van Grunsven)
12. Ben SCHROYEN (2014) “The role of leptin, insulin and insulin-like growth factor binding protein 3 during hepatic stellate cell activation” (Promotor: Leo van Grunsven / Co-promotor: Marc Nyssen)
13. Elke VAN ROSSEN (2014) “Expression and function of intermediate filaments in hepatic stellate cells” (Promotors: Leo van Grunsven + Hendrik Reynaert)
14. Lien THOEN (2015) "The Role Of Stress Pathways During Hepatic Stellate Cell Activation"
15. Adil EL TAGHDOUINI (2016) “Characterization of human quiescent, activated and inactivated hepatic stellate cells”

Master dissertations

1. Viviane DE VALCK (Biology) : Specific histochemical characteristics of fat-storing-cells in the rat (1985)
2. Ingrid DE LAET (Pharmacy) : Influence of glucocorticoids and retinoids on the protein synthesis by fat-storing cells in culture (1988)
3. Hilde GHEKIERE (Pharmacy) : Study of the proliferation of fat-storing cells by 3H-thymidine incorporation (1990)
4. Paul DEHOUCK (Pharmacy): Expression of TGF-?, IGF-II, HGF and their receptors in isolated liver cells (1992)
5. Marc HAUTEKEETE, MD (Hepatologist AZ-VUB, postgraduate Student) :A study of the human fat-storing cell in normal and pathologic conditions using toluidine blue staining and transmission electron microscopy (1992)
6. Davidi MANGUBU (Pharmacist, Zaire, postgraduate student): Expression of fibronectin isoforms in normal and fibrotic liver (1992)
7. Toshiro NIKI, MD (Pathologist, Japan, postgraduate student): Influence of dexamethasone and other pharmaca on connective tissue gene expression in fat-storing cells (1993)
8. Gustavo DUENAS (Gastroenterologist, Ecuador, postgraduate student): Expression of connective tissue genes in human liver biopsies (1993)
9. Peggy JANNES (Biomedical Sciences): Cocultures of liver endothelial cells and activated fat-storing cells produce an activated form of tranforming growth factor beta (1994)
10. Guoxiong XU, MD (postgraduate student, China): Fibronectin Isoform Gene expression in Rat Fat-storing Cells and Parenchymal Cells (1994)
11. Krista ROMBOUTS (Biomedical Sciences) : Influence of aldosterone on synthesis of connective tissue proteins by stellate cells (1995)
12. Nadine WILCZAK (Biomedical Sciences): Regional distribution of insulin-like growth factor 1- receptors in human brain and pituitary (1996)
13. Sofie PRIEM (Biomedical Sciences) : Influence of interferons on proliferation and synthesis of connective tissue proteins by stellate cells" (1996)
14. Elton KISANGA (postgraduate student, Tanzania): "Influence of HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors on proliferation and synthesis of connective tissue proteins by stellate cells" (1997)
15. Hong QIN (postgraduate student, China): "Expression of somatostatin receptors by hepatic stellate cells" (1998)
16. Wei WU (postgraduate student, China): "Development of a mouse model to evaluate antifibrogenic drugs"(1998)
17. Jin CHENGLUO, MD (postgraduate student, China): "Chemotaxis of hepatic stellate cells" (1999)
18. Kahsay GEBRETSADIK (postgraduate student, Ethiopia): Evaluation of in vivo antifibrogenic properties of the HDAC inhibitors TSA and 4-Me2N-BAPH in the CCl4-induced Balb/C mouse model of hepatic fibrosis (2000)
19. Romina KORBER (Biomedical Sciences): Differential expression of histone deacetylases in rat hepatic stellate cells (2000)
20. Yutao JIA, MD (postgraduate student, China): Insulin Receptor Expression and Signaling in Quiescent and Activated Murine Hepatic Stellate Cells (2004)
21. Ben SCHROYEN (Biomedical Engineer, Master Cell & Gene Therapy, 2004): Characterization of leptin and adiponectin receptor isoforms on mouse hepatic stellate cells
22. Sandrine BEECKMAN (Biomedical Sciences, 2005): Mouse Hepatic Stellate Cells Express Class II and V Myosins
23. Hikmat MÂRROU L'KHATTABI (Biomedical Sciences, 2006): The expression pattern of intermediate filament proteins in liver stellate cells in the phylogenetic evolution
24. Inge MANNAERTS (Biomedical Sciences, 2006): Recruitment of desmin positive mesenchymal stellate cell precursors is an early event during embryogenesis of liver and pancreas
25. Nele NUYTTEN (Biomedical Sciences, 2007): Regulation of gene transcription by histone acetylation/deacetylation in stellate cells
26. Oscar ONYEMA (Master in cell and gene Therapy, 2008): The role of histon deacetylase 4 during hepatic stellate cell activation
27. Jie MEI (Master in cell and gene Therapy, 2008): Phenotypic characterization of murine hepatic stem/progenitor cells following their isolation, purification and culture
28. Lien THOEN (Biomedical Sciences, 2010) : The role of autophagy in hepatic stellate cell activation
29. Adil EL TAGHDOUINI (Biomedical Sciences, 2011): Selective delivery of doxorubicin to hepatic stellate cells by using vitamin A-coupled liposomes
30. Orhan KILIC (Biomedical Sciences, 2012): De karakterisatie van de klasse II histondeacetylases tijdens de activatie van de leverstellaatcel
31. Stefaan VERHULST (Biomedical Sciences, 2012): Characterization of liver progenitor cells and their niche
32. Joeri LAMBRECHT (Biomedical Sciences, 2014): The role of microRNAs in hepatic stellate cell activation and liver fibrosis
33. Maryam MAREFATI (Master's Degree, Molecular Biology, 2015)
34. Monim Ahmed MINOM (Biomedical Sciences, 2015)
35.Liza DEWYSE (Biomedical Sciences, 2017)
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Bachelor dissertations (lab technicians)

1. J.-M. LAZOU (COOVI, Anderlecht) : "Immunohistochemical localization of collagen and fibronectin in rat liver" (1987)
2. S. LAZEROMS (Etten-Leur, NL) : "Immunocytochemical localization of collagen type I and procollagen type III in normal rat liver" (1987)
3. K. DE GRAVE (COOVI-Anderlecht) : "Localization of collagen in sinusoidal liver cells by digitized double labeling immunofluorescence".
4. A. SPOLSPOEL (COOVI-Anderlecht) : "Isolation, purification and electron microscopical characterization of rat liver parenchymal, endothelial, Kupffer and fat-storing cells".
5. E. HANSEN (COOVI-Anderlecht) : "Expression of retinol binding proteins in isolated liver cells".
6. Annemie WIELANT (Hogeschool Brabant, NL) :'Expressie van actine-gerelateerde eiwitten in trichostatin A behandelde cellen'.
7. Annick HAGERS (Hogeschool Brabant, NL) : 'Cloning van RAR/RXR en PPAR receptoren uit rat stellaatcellen'.


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