Topic 5 : Liver Bioreactor & 3D in vitro models for liver disease studies

Topics - overview


Project leader

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Leo van Grunsven PhD

Postdoc project

Sofia Leite PhD

HILIM 3D (IWT-SBO): Humanized Immune Liver Mouse and 3D in vitro models for the study and therapy of liver disease

Hepatic Microfluidic Bioreactor

PhD project

Tiffany Roosens

Hepatic 3D co-culture system for the evaluation of (anti)fibrotic compounds (2014-2016)

Adil El Taghdouini

Generation, isolation and expansion of human quiescent hepatic stellate cells (2012-2015)

Current Funding

Hemofluidic Microbioreactor

The aim of HeMiBio is to generate a liver-simulating device (Hepatic Microfluidic Bioreactor) mimicking the structure and function of the human liver. The device should reproduce the heterotypic interactions between the parenchymal (hepatocytes) and non-parenchymal (hepatic stellate cells and hepatic sinusoidal endothelial cells) of the liver for over one month in vitro, with in vivo-like metabolic and transport function. The Hepatic Microfluidic Bioreactor could then serve to test the effects of chronic exposure to chemicals, including cosmetic ingredients, thus limiting the need for animal models.

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