Cell/Biomaterial Interactions & Tissue Engineering


Prof . Maria Cornelissen


WEBSITE: Cel/biomateriaal interacties en weefselengineering


RIA CORNELISSEN (PhD) is head of the lab of Histology (Department Basic medical sciences- Faculty of Medicine, UGent). She received a PhD at the Ghent University in 1994 and is member of the academic staff of the Faculty of Medicine. Her research is focused on tissue engineering with accent on in vitro osteogenic differentiation of stem- and progenitor cells and interactions of cells and biomaterials as scaffolds and cell delivery systems. She has a long lasting experience on cytotoxicity testing, cell cultures to optimize cellular colonization of materials and morphological evaluation of cell/biomaterial constructs.

HEIDI DECLERCQ obtained her PhD in 2005 at the Ghent University. She joined the Lab of Histology in 2008 as a post-doc (Bijzonder Onderzoeksfonds). Her work is focused on feeder-free expansion and chondro/ osteogenic differentiation of hES cells. She is also involved in research on the construction of a bio-active meniscus via bioplotting.

ELKE BERNEEL is a PhD student who started her PhD in September 2008 (Promotor: R. Cornelissen; co-promotor P.Dubruel). She is involved in cell biology testing of materials used to plot a meniscus scaffold, cell culture of the desired cell types and evaluation of cell/biomaterial constructs obtained by simultaneous printing of cells and materials.


Prof; Dr. Maria Cornelissen

Universiteit Gent
Faculteit Geneeskunde en Gezondheidswetenschappen
Vakgroep Medische Basiswetenschappen
Team: Cel/biomateriaal interacties en weefselengineering
De Pintelaan 185
B-9000 GENT

Tel: +32-(0)9-2649241








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