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Prof . Tania Roskams


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TANIA ROSKAMS obtained her MD degree in 1989 and her PhD in 1995 at K.U.Leuven. She spent 2 years (1994-1995) in Oklahoma transplant institute under supervision of Prof Van Thiel and Prof Demetris. She is a clinical liver pathologist since 1996 and involved in liver research since 1989. She is the head of the liver research group of the department of Morphology and Molecular Pathology since 1996. Since 2008, she is also coordinating the whole department of Morphology and Molecular Pathology, including gastroenterology, nephrology, uropathology, hematology and breast cancer research programs. She is a specialist in liver progenitor cells, their niche and their role in carcinogenesis. Being a clinical liver pathologist and half time researcher, she has extensive experience in rodent and large animal models and their representativity for human liver diseases. She is member of the scientific committee of the European gastroenterology Federation and coordinates an international consensus panel on a new classification of primary liver carcinomas. She already coordinated an international consensus panel on new nomenclature of human progenitor cells and was first author on the nomenclature paper (see relevant publications.). T Roskams is holder of the "F.C. Donders" Chair at the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands (a guest professorship with the purpose of fairing the research on "Tissue Repair" in different faculties of the University of Utrecht).

RITA DE VOS, PhD is biologist specialized for almost 30 years in electron microscopy.

AEZAM KATOONIZADEH is MD and PhD student since 2005. Her work focuses on human progenitor cell activation. She will work on microdissection of intermediate hepatocytes in different diseases.

OLIVIER GOVAERE is biomedical scientist and PhD student. He works on isolation of the side population from human diseased livers and from liver cancers. He also works on the microdissection project.


Prof. Dr. Tania Roskams

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Dept Medisch Diagnostische Wetenschappen
Afdeling Morphologie en Moleculaire Pathologie
Minderbroedersstraat 12
B-3000 Leuven

Tel: +32-(0)16-336550








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